Legal Secretaries International Inc. hereby establishes a Continuing Legal Education Award Program and sets the criteria and procedures for attaining this Award.

I. Purpose. One of the main objectives of our association, as set forth in the Bylaws and Standing Rules as well as the Legal Secretary's Creed, is to encourage secretaries to pursue continuing legal education. We believe regular participation in continuing legal education programs enhances the professional skills of legal secretaries and improves the quality of the assistance we provide. The purpose of this Program would be to recognize and encourage those secretaries who accomplish this goal.

II. Powers. The Director of Education shall have the general administrative and supervisory powers to effect the goals of this Program and determine whether an educational course qualifies for legal or general education credit. Decisions of the Director of Education may be appealed to the Board.

III. Credits. A minimum of 30 hours in education program courses meeting the criteria set forth in the paragraph entitled Categories and Credits below and earned within a two-year period shall be required to qualify for the Continuing Legal Education Award. Credit shall be given for programs at least 30 minutes in length. Programs of less than 30 minutes' duration will not be considered for this award.

IV. Application. Please forward your application, along with documentation and the application fee to the Director of Education.

(A) Renewal Application. An applicant may apply within six (6) months of expiration for issuance of an updated certificate for a two-year period. Credit hours for renewal may be earned from date of last application. To allow flexibility in applying for the award, credit hours may be carried over for a six month period, allowing accrued credit hours in excess of the required hours for one award period to be carried forward to the renewal period if they are earned within six months of the date that renewal is to become effective.

(B) Verification/Documentation. In all categories, copies of certificates, manuscripts, articles, letters signed by an Affiliate officer, etc., may be used for verification of attendance and must be included with the application. Send photocopies of documents only. Originals will not be returned.

V. Categories and Credits. You must complete this form and attach it to your application.

Category A. Legal Education. This category includes any organized program of legal learning such as workshops, symposiums, or lectures which the applicant attended or for which the applicant served as a panel discussion participant or speaker. Video, motion picture, or sound tape presentations may also qualify for credit under this category. In these cases the documentation should include the full title of the tape, the presenter, and the "running time." Credit hours may also be earned for legal education college courses (actual class hours), provided applicant attains a grade of "C" or better. A copy of the course transcript must be attached to the application. For these classes, count the actual clock hours. Although a college may refer to a course as a "three-hour course," the class probably met at least 40 clock hours during the semester so the applicant's CLE credit would be 40 hours.

Category B. Teaching and/or Seminar Preparation Time. Credit hours shall be calculated on the basis of 3 hours' teaching preparation credit for each hour of presentation time on a topic that is presented for the first time. Repeat preparations qualify for one-half of the credits available for the initial presentation. The applicant must include a copy of the course and/or seminar outline(s) with the application form. Actual teaching/seminar presentation time must be taken under Category A, D, or F, as appropriate.

Category C. Certification. Applicants will receive 10 hours per examination completed and passed. Credit for any preparatory course for the certification exams should be listed under Category A. Credits may also be earned under Category G for self-study in preparation for these exams.

Category D. General Education. A maximum of 5 hours may be earned through job-related general education programs and college courses. Examples of programs in this category include office or personnel administration, office technology, word processing, basic secretarial skills, grammar, accounting, filing systems, case management, and Total Quality Management.

Category E. Published Articles. Up to 4 credit hours (2 credit hours for each article published) may be earned by those applicants who publish legal or legal secretarial articles (copies must be attached to application) if such publications fall within the following categories:

-National or local publications for the members of this association.

-National, state, or local publications for the members of the bar association.

-National, state, or local publications for the legal or legal secretarial professional in general.

-Articles or chapters published in books for the use of the legal or legal secretarial professional.

Category F. Professional Enhancement. A maximum of 2 hours may be earned through professional enhancement programs or courses in time management, stress management, leadership, motivation, and human relations.

Category G. Self-study. A maximum of 2 hours may be earned through self-study. This is the only category that does not require specific documentation. The applicant may claim time spent reading specialty education newsletters. The applicant may also claim time spent studying for a certification exam under this Category.

VI. Recognition. Successful applicants for the CLE Award and subsequent renewal of same will be given a Certificate evidencing completion of the required credit hours and will be recognized in the In Brief for the quarter in which the certificate is awarded.